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His music comes to him from The Stream. When he sits down to play, he casts his line. Sometimes he has no preconcieved idea as to what he might find. He only knows the ideas will come to him... from somewhere.

As he composes, what he feels is The River as it washes over him.

The River of Life.

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Jeff ShermanAbove & Beyond

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Above & Beyond is the first solo ambient electronic CD by Glass bassist / guitarist / keyboardist Jeff Sherman. It is the result of several years of accumulating material that was beyond the scope of what Jeff brought to the Glass body of work. Jeff’s starting point was somewhere between John Cage and Brian Eno with a healthy dose of some of the more notable Berlin School of Electronic Music masters like Klaus Schultz and Manuel Göttsching. Sherman starts from the premise that all sound is music, and extends outward from there. He calls his music “Progressive Ambient.”

There are aspects to Austasia Pt 1, especially at the beginning, that are absolutely beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful, in fact...This is a lovely, lovely album through and through. If symphonic, electronic music is your thing, then you should make Jeff Sherman's Above & Beyond your thing.
- Stephanie Sollow, ProgressiveWorld

Jeff Sherman shows off here that he is an amazing composer as well as a multi-instrumentalist, building music from scratch rather than totally relying on computers that are readily available for "one-man-bands."
- ProgNaut

From symphonic, to lushly ambient, to minimalist composition, to complex sound collage, Above & Beyond takes the listening on a far-reaching journey.
- Aural Innovations

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Jeff ShermanHome

RD 4135 $15 + $3 shipping

Home is the second solo ambient electronic CD by Glass bassist / guitarist / keyboardist Jeff Sherman. It continues his pioneering work in the sub-genre “Progressive Ambient,” a genre pioneered by Sherman. In August of 2002 Jeff met and became friends with ex-Soft Machine bassist/composer Hugh Hopper at the Progman Cometh concert in Seattle, Washington. As a result the two decided to record together in the near future as time and schedules would allow. The result—a feat achieved by the transcontinental sharing of music files—is a brilliant next chapter in the continuing musical saga of this musical visionary. Home was voted #1 in Aural Innovations Staff Top Picks For 2003 by staff member/reviewer Jeff Fitzgerald.

There’s something deeply personal about Home. Like that place where our lives exist and our memories dwell, the second solo effort from Jeff Sherman, keyboardist and bassist of progressive rock group Glass, is rich, warm, vibrant, cool, simple, complex, and colourful, and hints at memories both comforting and disconcerting. Another effort of what Sherman refers to as “progressive ambient music,” it’s ambient in the sense that, as the cover art suggests, the music is very impressionistic, and progressive in the sense that it never lapses into the background, remaining a consistently innovative and exciting listen throughout.
- Jeff Fitzgerald, Aural Innovations