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Glass in Port Townsend

Relentless Pursuit Records is the home of Glass, the legendary progressive rock trio from the Pacific Northwest. In a career spanning over 45 years Glass has played all over the world, released seven albums of complex original instrumental music, and wowed audiences young and old alike.

Solo projects include Greg Sherman's melodic piano albums and Jeff Sherman's ambient work, as well as Jeff Joad's blues / folk.

Herein lies the story of Glass, and samples of their oeuvre for your listening pleasure.

Glass' latest, Emergence, released to critical reviews.

Greg Sherman's Zutique re-released with additional tracks.


Emergence Cover Art


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Glass's fourth post-Reformation studio album brings in a few new elements—tenor sax on one track, vocals on another—but the basic ‘Glass sound’ of the trio of tightly-interwoven bass, drums and keyboards (Rhodes, organ & Mellotron) remains forefront. This time there are no 20-minute epics about star clusters or mythological heroes; the tracks here all clock in at under 5 minutes (except the 7:26 closer) and stick to exploring the boundaries defined within the opening moments of each song.

Over the two-year gestation of this release—which for Glass, is rather quick—the boys honed and polished their signature sound and play it with the confidence of a band that has been together for 46 years. This is not ‘flash-in-the-pan’ music, not today's flavor-of-the-month. This a mature distillation of everything these three unique musicians have fought to achieve over a lifetime.


Palindrome Cover Art

Jeff JoadAny Day Above Ground

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Jeff has been signed to the Bluesy Mind label, an imprint of the famous French label Musea Records. His first Blues album of all original songs entitled Any Day Above Ground (BM 1010) was released in July 2016 on CD, worldwide. A tour to support the album is being planned.

Jeff has immersed himself in the music of Son House and other great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen. His vocals have become fiery and imbued with a passion he hadn't shown before. Asked for an explanation he simply replies, “My voice comes from somewhere else now...”


Palindrome Cover Art


Musea FGBG 4935 $15 + $3 shipping

Palindrome (2014) marks a return to a vintage live sound. Produced by Glass bassist Jeff Sherman, the album was recorded in the band's hometown in the space the band recorded in back in the mid-Seventies (Arcadia). It was recorded mostly live to two-track analog tape, using vintage analog instruments. In addition, three of the tracks were augmented by the incomparable sound of the 1889 Whalley Genung pipe organ which resides in the Port Townsend Presbyterian Church (Washington State). The vision here was to be as free of preconceptions as possible—for the three Glass members to produce a true Zen recording. The music here embodies all the classic music elements: great melodies, complex time signatures and musical experimentation that still sound fresh even in this over-hyped digital era. Fans of Glass' earlier, more jazz-influenced improvisational work should be doubly pleased by Palindrome.

View the Palindrome slideshow.

A lovely CD.
- Robert Wyatt

Palindrome sounds like no other album out there, not just in the progressive rock genre, but in any genre of music.
- Aural Innovations

What a cool record. It's so chilled out and moves through so many interesting spaces but never feels like bombast. Love it.
- Elaine DiFalco (Thinking Plague)

This is as close to "live in the studio" as you can get, as close to pure clear undistilled Glass as you can find.
- Bob Carlberg

It might take several spins to adjust your ears, as this CD sounds like nothing else on the market. The effort will be richly rewarded however with a glimpse of the musical vision of the world's most distinct symphonic progressive trio.
- Prog Archives


Zutique Cover Art

Greg ShermanZutique

RD 4131-2 $15 + $3 shipping

Greg carefully crafts each composition, with structure and melody to entice the listener actively rather than passively, drawing him or her into the mood of the piece. There are no notes thrown in randomly.
- Aural Innovations

First released in 2000 as Greg’s first solo piano CD, “Zutique” is re-released here by Relentless Pursuit records with three additional, never-before released songs from the same recording sessions that produced the original tracks for the CD.

...There is romanticism in every piece, each being mellow, relaxing compositions. It's perfect listening for digging into a good book or sitting with a loved one by a warm fire...
- Progressive World

Born in Seattle, Washington, in 1954, Greg grew up in the bucolic settings of rural Western Washington state. The atmospheres and scenes from this environment still are prominent in his writing today. In 1971, Greg attended The Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington, studying music.

...A beautiful collection of music...
- Progressive World